About Us

Here’s what Entreprini is all about

Hi, my name is AJ Serna, the founder of Entreprini, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I start my own business?
  • Where do I invest my money?
  • How can I have passive income?
  • What do I need to know to become an entrepreneur / investor?
  • Do I really need a financial plan?

Or if you are just tired of your day job and wants to explore more about the world of entrepreneurs.

Are you a new, young and aspiring entrepreneurs? In short, are you an Entreprini?

…… Your are in the RIGHT place!

About this site

Entreprini focuses more on the new, young (young at heart) and aspiring Entrepreneurs. If you still have your day job and wants to enter the world of entrepreneur, you are very much welcome. If you’re just starting or perhaps you already have your own startup company but would like to learn more, this website is for you. We entrepreneurs, as you know, just want to continue learning and increase our knowledge regarding our businesses and investments.

What to expect from Entreprini

  • Weekly email updates regarding our new blogs
  • Get new business opportunities that you can consider here in the Philippines
  • Know where to invest your money
  • Get updates and tips on PSE / Philippine Stocks Exchange
  • Tips on how to start your own business

profile picAbout Me

I’ve started my own company last April 2015. So I’m still in the process of learning the business. I want to share here my success and struggles and perhaps inspire and motivate more entrepreneurs to just follow their passion.

I run my own a travel agency now and what we do is provide a booking portal system to corporate clients to simplify their admin work. We offer leisure trips and packages here in the Philippines as well for the adventurous ones. I also have a flowershop together with my girlfriend that caters different kinds of events. We also have same day flower delivery 24/7.

Lastly, I’m also a Licensed Financial Advisor. As part of my advocacy, I want to
pass on financial literacy to as many Filipinos as possible. With a mind and heart of an entrepreneur, I always believe that for one to be successful, you have to give value to others. This is my way of doing that. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learn something from it.